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Arctor is an easy-to-use and powerful file based backup solution, offering fast, reliable backup
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12 February 2009

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While working on an important project, have you ever experienced a situation when suddenly your system crashed and all your data was lost? Even when you try to recover the files, there could be many of them that do come back, and some may get corrupted. In any such circumstances, it becomes irritating to recompile the complete project data, and carry out various long processes like analysis, report, etc. So, in order to avoid such situation, you might have thought of creating a backup of all your crucial files, for which you can try Arctor File Repository It’s a competent program, which supports users to create a data backup effectively and even maintains the version of the files or folders. It lets you select the backup path to be any writable disk via USB, LAN, FireWire, and WLAN.

The Arctor File Repository sports an intuitively structured interface with features set according to the user’s convenience. To begin with backup creation, first you require creating a group and then you can add rules to it, which would be displayed at the left pane. Selecting the Group, the program provides you with Settings, Disk Usage, I/O, and Summary options. In these, the ‘Settings’ option lets you set the name, scan settings, I/O limit; Disk Usage and I/O features are for selecting the Display Value, and Display Type for viewing the related statistics; and ‘Summary’ provides the activity details. The rule added to the group are accompanied by features to make the selection of source directory, filter masks, smart backup, group info, files, Smart backup log, etc. Further, you can also add rule, remove, create duplicate, restore files, run backup once, start the backup process, and view log to know the application activity. The application is integrated of various features and sub features to create and restore backup with.

Using the Arctor File Repository allows users to create an effective data backup, set the backup run time and restore the data easily whenever required. The program for its handy features and proficient performance deserves to be assigned 4 rating points.

Publisher's description

Arctor is an easy-to-use and powerful file based backup solution, offering fast, reliable backup and version management. It can quickly and easily restore your files in the event of accidental loss or hardware failures. With Arctor, you are able to set up regular, on-the-fly, unattended, automatic backups to make sure your files are kept safe to protect yourself against data loss due to damaged equipment, software upgrades, viruses, user mistakes, hackers and theft.
While any software package installed on your computer system can be re-installed easily from its installation media, your business data, your personal data and configuration files might be lost in the event of an operating system crash, a hard disk crash or (even more likely) by accidental modification or deletion of files.
* Using Arctor's Smart Backup Technology, previous versions of your files or deleted files are always available at your fingertips.
* Arctor does not use a proprietary archive file format. Archived files can be accessed with the same tools you usually use.
* You can choose any backup path to any directly writable disk (USB, FireWire, LAN, WLAN).
* The fast & easy-to-use restore wizard lets you restore files or directories to any previous date.
* Powerful purge options give you control about how long previous versions are kept.
* Arctor offers the advantages of both full and incremental backups.
* Arctor backup solutions are scalable from small-sized single-user installations to enterprise-wide networked installations.
In short, Arctor should form the cornerstone of your backup strategy.
Arctor File Repository
Arctor File Repository
Version 3.0.2
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